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first time post

That pizza post reminded me of something. Two years ago I had been freelancing editing regional commercials at different studios around Austin tx. By summer time work just slows down, and it slowed down alot. I was forced to get a second job just to make ends meet, so I decided delivering Pizzas was a good idea. I worked for Papa Johns. I made sure I took my job seriously. I always delievered the pizza in the warming thing, (can't remember what you call it.) I was always polite at the door and never complained to the customer if they didn't tip. My overall goal was if I delievered enough to the same people which started happening I'd get better tips and it worked too.

Well, things are much better for me work wise I started my own studio and have the work to support it. But recently when I order pizzas from the same store I used to work at only one pizza guy brings the pizza in a warming thing (yup it;s that thing.) All the others bring the box out into the cold air up the stairs and by the time I'm done signing a credit card slip it's ice cold. So I recently I asked the guy, "aren't you suppose to deliver that pizza in a warming bag?" he responded with, "I don't know it's hassle to carry." I responded with, "well it's a hassle for me to tip for your laziness. There is a reason for the bag." I didn't tip him, and he got upset. So I called the store manager to complain and now I get my pizza delivered by the one guy who always uses a bag. It's nice and I tip him well for it too. Mostly I tip him well is in hopes he will tell the other guys and it will piss off that kid.

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