Kelly (kellyl) wrote in bad_service,

Eugh...too much to ask for?

Recently I went to the Burger King in my small city with my boyfriend for a quick nibble.
When we came in...there was mess everywhere. There were french fries scattered all over the floor, dropped napkins, empty glasses on the tables. Eugh. Just eugh. There was literally not a place to sit that was clean.
What was really funny was we were the only customers in there. Come on! I've worked fast food before and doing lobby duty isn't hard at all...especially when no one is there.

Me: *Orders food*
Cashier: Will that be to eat inside or to go?
Me: I'd like to eat inside...may I ask that the person on lobby duty could clean up a bit?
Cashier: ...I'm on lobby.
Me: Okay. It's just there's no where to sit.
Cashier: *Looks at me as though I'm stupid*...There's no one here.
Me: What I meant was that there are no clean tables.
Cashier: How hard is it to use a napkin and sweep off the crumbs? Seriously?
Me:...I want to speak to the manager right now.

In the end, we got our food and they threw in my boyfriend's order for free. While we were leaving, I heard the manager yelling at the cashier. Muahahaha.
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