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The Last Straw (literally)

Okay, so I'm at the local Whataburger figuring I'll get a bite before work. They've been fouling up my orders more frequently lately, so I went inside to eat this time. I got my order in (and made double-sure on the reciept that it was what I wanted) and went to pour my drink. No straws. Not a big deal, but I wanted a straw. So I ask the cashier, "There aren't any straws over here, can I have one?" "No." "..okay, why not?" "We don't have any. Ran out two hours ago." Okay, I can understand a slight amount of irritability considering she's probably had to deal with it all afternoon--but at the same time, don't look at me like it's MY fault your boss doesn't know how to order supplies.

So I was in a somewhat put-off mood. I get my food and sit down. Now, as I've mentioned before, people in this state seem to have difficulty understanding the words "no onions". I'm sorry, I hate onions. So when I get a burger that's got practically an ENTIRE ONION chopped up on it when I specifically asked for none (and it even said so on the reciept-- NO ONION-- I'm going to get upset. I hadn't even bitten into the thing, I just walked up, and asked to talk to the boss.

Me: I ordered no onions.
Boss: looks like you got your onions.
Me: I don't want onions.
Boss: Then why'd you order them?
Me: I didn't.
Boss: But you've got them there, you must have--
Me: *snap* Listen, you twit! I said I ordered NO ONIONS! I DO NOT WANT THEM. Not only did I not ask for them, but I specifically told the cashier that I DID NOT want them! This is the third time IN A ROW you people have messed up my order, and I'm sick of being all nice and polite and understanding about it! I know mistakes happen, but that's all you people DO here! (Note: Edited for content..imagine this rant liberally spread with varying four-letter words..I'm sorry, but I was just sick to death of dealing with them)
Boss: Sir, I'm going to ask you to leave.
Me: I wouldn't stay on a F***ing bet!

So I went to Subway instead, where I can actually watch them make my food and ensure they don't screw anything up. And no, I didn't get a refund. I probably won't be allowed back. Oh well. Chalk it up to experience.

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