Belinda (belindashort) wrote in bad_service,

letter to Domino's corporate

To Whom it May Concern,

I have been a customer of Domino's Pizza for several years at this address and this phone number. The last time I called (tonight) I was told that they could not take our order because they do not accept cell phone calls. We do not have a land line, which many people in this day and age do not. When we explained that we did not have a regular phone, we were told 'well, I can't do that, I need a land line phone'

In the past, we have dealt with rudeness from the people answering the phone, extremely late service, which we were gracious about, drivers showing up with no credit card slips (wanting us to pay in cash and then using our phone to call the store and verify) and overall unprofessionalism. We have dealt the phone person not giving the drivers instructions about how to get into our apartment complex, as well as lying and telling us that the drivers do not have cell phones and cannot call us if they can't get in the complex (and then later recieving a phone call from the driver, who had not been told the special instructions to get in) All of these things combined make for some pretty bad service, but tonight-this is really unacceptable. We have never complained to anyone about any of this service, but if you flat out refuse us as customers, we understand and take our patronage elsewhere, as well as letting everyone else know about the rudeness and unprofessionalism we have encountered. I could possibly understand the policy if we were new customers, but we have been ordering from the same Domino's for at least three years.

Thank You
Belinda Short
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