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Council woes;

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I honestly do not believe this situation anymore, they can't get a simple repair done but the boiler service guys just showed up for the 3rd time in 6 months. Apparently the council are obsessed with my boiler.

My boiler is supposed to be serviced once a year. It was serviced twice last august due to a mix up. And now they want to service it yet again ... I wouldn't mind but doesn't anyone keep any records so they don't drag me out of bed at 9am only to find out the boiler has been bloody serviced already? I know regular boiler checks are important but in light of the on-going repair debacle? Their Zeal to check my boiler is kinda funny.

The good news is that surveyor finally came around and an hour later he got the electrican out who checked all my wiring and replaced one of the lights. That said I'm tempted to have the electrics independently checked.

Bad news? They still don't know when my vent cover will be fitted, since it has to be ordered in.

The unbelieveable bit? Apparently the reason the original request to fit the vent cover was filed as completed? They couldn't find it to fit the cover. They couldn't find an eight inch by four inch hole in the front of the building visible from my front door. They couldn't find a massive hole so they just put it down as completed? I can attest that I was probably in so why didn't they knock and ask if they couldn't see the bloody thing! Then again, I'm not sure I want workers fixing my home who apparently can't see a gaping bloody hole in the wall.

Even more bad news, they won't retile my bathroom floor even though the tiles are coming up. They "no longer fit tiles". They'll send someone around to stick them back down though, even though the original tiles? Have shrunk and water gets between them. I've been told to put lino down and seal it with the window stuff.

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