tayikhata (tayikhata) wrote in bad_service,

FedEx, accent on the feh.

So - we're planning a winter camping expedition and my husband managed to wreck a snowshoe binding.  Since we couldn't find any locally (well, it IS February; most places have sold out), he ordered some online about 10 days ago, to be shipped FedEx.  They were supposed to be delivered last Thursday.

Well, the package didn't show up and when he went to check the status it said it was in the local office with an invalid address.  Now, our street apparently has two "official" spellings, and nobody is ever sure which is right.  Post Office says one thing, most maps (and the one remaining street sign) say the other, so it's a coin-toss which one any given delivery entity will accept as "correct."  In this case, instead of actually calling the contact number for the parcel they flagged it as a bad address... so he called FedEx's main customer contact number on Friday to clarify the situation.  Gave them both spellings for the street as well as detailed driving directions on how to find the house - we're the ONLY ones on the street and highly visible.  "Great," they said, "you'll get that Monday."

... but, the package didn't show up yesterday as they promised, and it's still flagged "Invalid Address."  A second call to FedEx just confused the CSR - she could see we'd called in with the address, but that the local office was still holding it.  And now there's a second one they're holding. And they have still not called us even though they have the contact information.

The best bit?  We're about 2.5 miles away from the local office, and the street (and house) have been here for almost 200 years.

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