SHE (nancy_says) wrote in bad_service,

Minor Costco Suckage

This happened a while ago but it still really steams me.

My usual Costco opens at 9 am for business members and 10 am for regular members. One time I stopped by another Costco at 10 am and I walk in and flash my card and the door guy blocks my way. I'm totally surprised so I stand there and wonder what the heck is going on. He tells me blah blah you aren't allowed in for another hour since this Costco opens at 10 am for business and 11 am for regular members. This is fine, my fault for not checking the hours before I came by. Apparently I had been standing there too long for his taste because he tells me that I need to move out of the way and proceeds to push me back. Not very hard but enough to make me stumble a bit as I was pushed backward.

I don't know where the hell that guy was trained but you do not touch customers. I would've been quite happy to move had I been asked and then GIVEN enough time to move.
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