Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

Not really awful service, but still...

I'm actually looking for a bit of advice with this one.

I bought two Soulmark pendants from for my fiance and I for Valentine's Day. The deal is, you do a quiz on the site for both you and your partner, and it tells you if you match or not. My fiance and I matched, and it had quite a nice little blurb about how we fit together that actually seemed accurate, so I thought it would be a cute idea to give him the pendant and that. Plus, they had a discount deal on if you bought two of them. So I had to choose between sterling silver and rhodium pendants. I'd never heard of rhodium, and after a bit of research showed that it often stains skin, I figured sterling silver would be better (even though it was more expensive). So, I paid for the pendants by credit card and waited.

Not long after, they appeared in the post, and I excitedly opened them up to see what they looked like. They looked a lot less wonderful than they did on the website - the website had said they were hollow in the back, and they were - but the back was also pitted and bumpy. The front was shiny enough, but looked...I don't know, just low quality? Also, there was no paper or anything with the blurb about our two Soulmarks fitting together, just one for each Soulmark, which wasn't the point - I ordered them as a Valentine special together. They also came on cheap black plastic, but I figured we could put them on chains we already had (we'd been wearing sterling silver commitment rings, but since I got my engagement ring I stopped wearing mine - how many rings do I need? Hehe). So despite all this, they still looked ok, so I put them away for Valentines.

So, on Valentines, I gave my fiance his, and he liked it and put it on. I tried to go onto the Soulmark website to download the blurb about us, but the website was down. He first put it on with the black plastic rope, but then decided it was uncomfortable and decided to use his chain. As he took it off, the rope broke in half. Wonderful quality there. Anyway, in the week that followed, I tried a couple more times to access the Soulmark website to get the blurb, but no dice.

So now, only a week and a half after I have given my fiance the pendant, it is tarnished to hell. Black streaks down it, it looks AWFUL. Now bear in mind before this he was wearing a sterling silver ring around his neck for a year, and it didn't tarnish at all. Mine is also tarnished, though not as bad as his. So I go to access the website again, because I am seriously not impressed. I doubt it's silver now (there are no markings on the inside to say it's sterling silver, and Mom said there should be), and I want to complain and possibly ask for a refund. However, the website is still down. How can I contact them? Is it possible for me to get my money back do you think, or do a chargeback (bear in mind I have NO experience with chargebacks and only have the vaguest idea of what one is), or something? I'm really pissed that what I thought would be a lovely gift has gone so bad already.
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