_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

Yesterday at Subway...

So, I walk in to a Subway I've never gone to before on my lunch break. I wait patiently behind the one other customer in there until it's my turn and...

TB - Teenage boy
B - Boss/Manager
Me - Duh.

TB: How are you?
Me: I'm good! How are you?
TB: *literally twenty seconds of silence as he stares at the floor* Uh... what can I get for you? Fine.
Me: *hmm* I'd like a six inch turkey sandwich on wheat bread.
TB: Okay... * grabs the bread, puts on the turkey* Mayo... mustard... cheese...
Me: Very little mustard please.
TB: *squirts a ton of mustard all over... which... whatever. I don't care about that* Avocado, right?
Me: ...no.
TB: *turns to manager* I need more avocado
B: Get it yourself.
TB: Alright. *leaves counter to go get avocado that I didn't ever ask for, and declined*
Me: *to B* I didn't want avocado.
B: Okay??
TB: *comes back, starts cutting open avocado*
Me: I didn't want avocado.
TB: *ignores me and puts avocado on my sandwich. Which, okay. I like avocado... so... whatever* What else.
Me: Lettuce. That's it.
TB: *puts tomato, lettuce, salt and pepper*
Me: *WTF* I asked for just lettuce.
TB: *ignores me, puts my sandwich in a bag and walks away*
B: Do you want this to be a meal? Do you want chips or some fresh baked cookies?
Me: I would just like a small drink.
B: OH. OKAY. Well it's 5 *something*.

He runs my card, and although I have about 600 dollars in my bank account, it's declined. He runs it again, declined. I give him another card and it is declined as well. I ask him to hold on while I call my bank, and yeah, I've still got six hundred dollars and no pending charges.

He asks me to write a check which I thought was a little sketchy. As I'm writing the check I forgot the total and asked him. Suddenly it is 6 something. I asked him why the price went up and he said something about a check fee. I said, "Alright. I'll write this but I want the number to your manager just incase there are problems." He glared and wrote down a phone number and took my check. He told me he couldn't give me a reciept because ... I don't know. He just said he couldn't. Yeah, I'm definitely complaining ASAP.

As I was leaving, he yells, "BETTER GET BACK TO WORK!" at me. It was pretty ridiculous. I was very nice to them, and they just treated me like I was evil. I wonder what the do when they get a real bad customer.
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