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Newbie here!

Hi everyone, I've known about this comm for quite some time, but I have never really had a reason to post. Until now that is. I don't know all the norms and insider policies of this comm, and I haven't even read any of the other posts here; I just need to get this off my chest since I have never been treated so badly before in a restaurant.

It was my boyfriend's birthday, and we wnet downtown with a bunch of friends to celebrate with dinner at a well received and popular place called Shabusen. It is supposedly a great place: it is an All You Can Eat Sushi place, as well as offering Korean BBG and Chinese hot pot. We called ahead for reservations for six people at 7: 30pm. When we got there, it was super busy, as was expected for such a popular place. We arrived about five minutes early, yet we were seated 45 minutes later, and didn't start eating until 8: 30. I usually thought they reserved tables for people with reservations, or at least have them ready so that someone isn't seated too close to our reserved time. it is a busy place, so I was like fine; I was just excited about trying the place and having the evening go swell.

Now the waiters: good lawd, they are some of the surliest people I have ever met. Yes, my entire party is composed of Asian people, does that mean you should huff and roll your eyes when you are forced to communicate with us in English? We prefer English, okay. Please learn some people skills and stop muttering swears at us in Cantonese/Mandarin/Other Chinese Dialect. It's not like we don't speak it, we just won't, at least not to you. Dui Lae Goa Lo Mo Hai to you too, buddy.

The food was very good. We had the non stop sushi and BBQ, so it was fun. The service was also quite fast; we just didn't appreciate having plates thrown down on the table. We're the hungry ones, not the table, so hows 'bout having some of that food winding up on our plates instead? What is really classy however, is when we ordered some of the more expensive items like tuna belly and scallops; they gave us all the sushi rolls and kimchi first, the filler-y cheap stuff, and didn't present us with it until the end after we had to ask for it like 4 times. Seems like they have a bit of a reputaion for skimping out on the pricey items and charging you for them when you didn't even eat it, hoping you forget about them. Again, real classy. I make it a point never to complain about menu prices; if I am eating it, I'll pay for it. However, $10. 00 for a pitcher of pop?! I thought they had free refills or something that makes it worth it, but no! Ten whole bloody dollars for $2. 50 worth of 7-Up. Riiiight.

And finally the Manager/Owner. Something about screamed unfriendly the first second we walked in the place. He kept 'checking' on us through the entire night. Okay, so we're a bunch of teenagers, do you expect us to sit at home all day and not venture into the real world? He came by every 15 minutes, and asked us if we were done/finished/satisfied in a tone that blatantly said 'hurry up and GET OUT'. He was there during the soup asking us if that was all, he was there during sushi to ask if we wanted the bill now, he was there during our BBQ session asking if we were done so he could turn off the gas. That last time one of friends had to shield the controls from him so that he couldn't get at it. Why? BECAUSE WE WEREN'T DONE. We really wanted their coffee dessert, but they didn't even offer us any thing after our meal like they did with all the other tables (all adults/families by the way, we were the only teenage bunch), so we just decided to go. Then the bill took forever... seriously, we went through another pitcher of tea before we could pay the bill. Odd, seeing as they were hovering with the damn thing around us all night. It's like they were taunting us; 'o, so NOW you want to leave! Well we will just hold the ticket of your escape away from you just to be pricks! Muhahahahaha!'.

I was so mad at the end, I didn't even notice something one of my friends did when we were getting out the door: one of the people behind the counter actually swept the mint bowl under as we were passing by (we were the only ones going out, as the place had cleared out since it was late). I don't want to jump to conclusions, but what the hell?! I just don't understand what we did to deserve that; we don't look like trouble making kids. We were not loud, and we didn't goof around. I pride myself in being mature, and for having mature people who know when to act their age ('cause we can't always be mature =). So what was their problem? My sister was just so fed up she didn't even use the bathroom, she just wanted to leave (coming from the most weak bladder-ed person I know), so yea. Shabusen, NEVER AGAIN.
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