Undead Kitten Of Cheap Beer (hardtogetover) wrote in bad_service,
Undead Kitten Of Cheap Beer

I have to get all my long-term prescriptions through a mail order pharmacy, which is a pain in more ways than one. They, however, are not the ones I'm mad at for once.

I live in an apartment complex that has very small mailboxes, certainly not large enough for the three month supply of horse pills that the pharmacy has to mail me, especially when they mail me several prescriptions simultaneously. USPS thinks its perfectly acceptable to just leave any box that doesn't fit in my mailbox (pretty much anything larger than an envelope) at my doorstep. The first week I moved in, I came home to find a HUGE package filled with pills, two of them controlled substances, the rest probably decent sellers on the black market, sitting on my doorstep. The package was still sealed (thank god) and was marked in HUGE letters _______ PHARMACY. My doorstep, by the way, is outdoors (as in not inside a hallway that you need a key to get into, or even that you need to open a door to get into) within plain view of a public sidewalk that people walk by all the time, in a crowded neighborhood. The mail is delivered around 1pm, and I get back from work around 6pm. I am damn lucky it was still there, because who knows if I would have had to pay for replacements (even if I didn't, the insurance company fight would have been epic), and it may have taken weeks to get replacements. Also keep in mind that inside the package is a lot of personal info about myself, including name, address, phone number, insurance info, possible ss#, diagnosis info, receipts for these meds, maybe credit card info. All of this info is just there for whomever takes this package.

So that occurred in November, and while I was upset, I gave the mailman the benefit of the doubt and figured that they didn't pay attention to what was in the packages, and at least I got my meds. I called the post office and explained what happened. I said it was very important that all packages be either in the mailbox or brought back to the post office and a package notice be left in the mailbox so I could go get the package from the post office. She promised it wouldn't happen again. Yadda yadda. Since then, I have not had any packages that were bigger than my mailbox delivered, so I didn't know if the problem was solved or not.

Until yesterday! I got a compounded nerve medication made at a semi-local pharmacy, they were going to mail it to me. I came home from work yesterday to find the obnoxious children of my obnoxious downstairs neighbors at my door, looking at my doorstep. When I walked up, they said "Hey lady, what's wrong with you? You sick?" I looked down to find a big package that had my name and _______ PHARMACY in big black letters on it.

At least they didn't steal it. I'm so calling USPS today.
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