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Witnessed Bad Service

Wow, I did NOT expect this. At all. It came as a shock, and while some of you will probably accuse me of being too bitchy and/or biased, keep in mind I only witnessed it, really.

I sure am NOT giving these people any more business in the future.

Let me explain. Since Trade Secrets is right next to our store in the mall, my co-worker and I frequently go there to either look at hair products or say hello to the girls working there. So far neither of us had any real problems, save for the "attitude" of SOME of the girls working there. (only 2, the rest were nice and knowledgeable) But I think to myself "if working in a hair-focused place makes you think that you are a hairstylist, delude yourself and leave me alone."

So: my co-worker and I head in to look at curlers for her. She has thick hair, dyed red-brown, but it is unfortunately EXTREMELY dry at the bottom due to the fact that she has run out of conditioner. I laugh at her about the dryness of her hair, because it even feels weird. (coarse at the bottom, but still nice on the top.) So she asks the girl 1500 questions about curlers and which is better and easier to handle, which is normal for a customer who is willing to buy. She was ready to spend more for a better one with Thourmaline (gemstones with ions and ceramic. newest thing on the market) at my advice, but all was ruined by the girl who served us. I should mention that my co-worker is from Sri Lanka, quite dark-skinned, absolutely beautiful. The girl who served us was a slim Asian whom I'd seen before and I'd had no problems with.

Here comes the suck: While the girl was helping my co-worker handle the curler, they both made a mistake and left it in for too short a time. The curl came loose and my co-worker remarked how her hair wasn't cooperating.

So the girl who was helping us says: "Well your hair IS very dirty."

Obviously I piped in: "Naah, it's just really, really dry." My remark was met with a glare. Honestly though, I'm not exaggerating. Her tone was snobbish from the start, but what she said about my co-worker's hair really bothered me. I know very little about hair but I KNOW when hair is dirty. How come she couldn't tell the difference? Did she act that way because my co-worker is dark? I should hope not because this IS Toronto and racism just isn't cool here.

Edit: I was only asking a question. I was curious if such a thing was possible. Curiously enough, my manager at the store believes it was racism against my co-worker. Weird? Perhaps. I was hoping I'd be wrong anyway.

Also: Please do not be petty. Thank you very much.
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