tenorcnj (tenorcnj) wrote in bad_service,

Best Buy Strikes again

So, I did an online order to pick up at my local Best Buy, so that I wouldn't have to roam around the giant store trying to find the thing I wanted.

I got the "you're item's ready for pickup" email, went out to do some other errands, and got to the store about 45 minutes after the email was delivered. I'm happy, because there is no one in line at the pick-up counter, so this should be a quickie. Hah!

Girl at counter can't find item. Sends someone on an errand to get it. 15 minutes later, he finally comes to the counter with one, looks on the "waiting for pickup shelf" and says, "Isn't that the one right there one the shelf?"

Duh! And the papers attached to the items when they are waiting have your name on them in 3/4" tall letters.
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