Britt (xathenex) wrote in bad_service,

So my roommate just recently went through some pretty emotional stuff, and has been feeling down lately. He aunt sent her some "feel better" flowers just to be nice. They were supposed to be a surprise, when her aunt didn't hear anything from her she called asking about them. Apparently they were supposed to be next day delivery, however she didn't get them for a nearly week. THEN the guy who delivered them left them on the porch of the WRONG APARTMENT BUILDING. Now, pretty much everytime something gets delivered to us I have to explain where we are. Our building is kind of sitting behind a larger apartment building. Everyone automatically assumes we live in the big apartment building..even though the smaller building is still visible from the road, just sitting farther back and halfway behind the large building. And if anyone would take time to actually look at the address, they'd see that our Address starts with a 216...not a 212. You would think they'd be like "Oh, its not this building, maybe its that one right over there..." but nope, no one ever seems too. But anyways, they just left them there on the porch, outside, right off road in the city that has random people walking up and down it at all times. Not to mention it was around 5 degrees out so they froze and immediately wilted once they were brought inside. She was pretty pissed off, and I was pissed for her. I told her to call them and bitch but I don't know if she actually ever did. I know I would have.

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