Blair (_strikes_again_) wrote in bad_service,

Quizno's life lesson?

Feeling a little daring, i decided to go to quizno's for some broccoli cheese soup (in a bread bowl) rather than Panera inbetween my classes today. With only about $6.00 in my wallet (much more than I will need for soup and bread bowl at panera), I walk in and place my order.
The employee (w/o a name tag), asks me if I want it with chicken. Well, since I hadn't ordered it with chicken, I said, No thank you. He puts my bread through the toaster and another employee scoops my soup into a styrofoam bowl. I didnt really understand that part, but whatever.
So the employee who put my soup in the bowl goes to ring me up. Its $6.35 (5.99 + tax). I thought that was a little high, but I know Quizno's is not known for their low prices. I sit down at a table and eat my soup, looking at the reciept. It says I was charged for the "Country French Chicken Bread Bowl". Just wondering if it was an honest mistake because the employee who rung me up might not have noticed the lack of chicken in my bread bowl, i finished my food and walked up to the registers. I waited a while, not sure presciesly, but a lot longer than it should have taken when someone is standing at a register, in my opinion.
Anyway, so I ask the employee that took my order, and he replied "you said no chicken, i not give you chicken." Now, dont get me wrong, I didnt really read the menu, but I noticed they had Broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl on a poster in the store. The chicken was no where to be seen on the poster, and so I didnt say anything about chicken, infact, i specified NO chicken after it was offered to me. Because it was offered, i figured it didnt normally come with the soup, and thus he was just doing his thing and suggestive selling like most employees have to do. So why was I sttill charged for it? I asked him that and he said "some people not like chicken. you said no chicken. i give you no chicken". yeah. I get that i didnt want chicken...but why was i charged for it??
I didnt think I'd get anywhere because there was a bit of a language barrier and we were both having a hard time understanding eachother, I figured id just send an e-mail from the website. If i get no response, I'll just chalk it up as a life lesson and not go there for soup (their sandwhiches are still good) . So here's hoping, eh?
Im just really mad that I got charged for chicken...that I didnt order...
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