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I went to Safeway in Seaford, Victoria, Australia last night. I normally don't go to the Deli area, as past experiences have told me that Safeway Deli = not good. Anyway, I needed chicken fillets and I needed them now. I take my ticket, my number is called (snaps to that, while I worked at Coles Deli, the beeper was always broken). 

I ask the lady, who looked around 35 - 40 'Hi! Can I have 600 grams of the chicken thigh fillets?' and she proceeds to get what I asked. She puts 3 in - total comes to 554 grams. Before I could say 'That's fine!' she puts another one in there, bringing the total to 770 grams, prints the sticker and turns her back on me.

It might just be that I worked as a Deli Assistant for two and a half years, but there is a big difference between 600 grams and 770 grams. If the difference was 15 grams or higher, I always checked if that was okay with the customer. Always. Plus, she came across kind of rude when everybody at my old Deli at Coles was always 'Hi, can I help you?', 'Was there anything else?' and 'Thank you, see you later!'

I was so tempted to go 'Excuse me, there is a big difference between 600 grams and 770 grams, could I please have it closer to 600 grams?' but she had already started serving another customer and I didn't want to make a scene. I just wanted to go home and cook Enchiladas.

Stupid lady.
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