Belinda (belindashort) wrote in bad_service,

Something odd that happened at work the other day

My boss orders stuff from a company called United a _lot_. They sell framing supplies. He ordered something called a z-bar, which is used for hanging pictures. Part get stuck on the frame and the other part is attached to the wall. These are usually only used for pictures that need to be removed a lot, and it's easy to slide in and out.

They look like this:

Anyway...He got a big round tube in the mail and opened it to find...

A long rusty pole, about 1" in diameter.

Ok...Now it would be one thing if united actually sold rusty poles, but they don't, I checked just to be sure. What kind of idiot would package up an old pole in place of a regular framing order?

Lemme re-iterate


When my boss opened it up, I could hear him from the other room 'What the hell?!' We came in to see what the fuss was. At first we thought he was screwing with us.

Anyway, he called united, and they said 'Sir, have you ordered Z- bars before? They are long metal pieces, you might be confused if you've never seen them', and he responded "I've been framing for about 30 years and have never used a rusty pole as a hanging mechanism"

Anyway, we're sending it back. The operator seems to think that now we're messing  with them and barely believe that we got a long rusty pole.

Really rusty, orange and green.

Not necessarily Bad service, but...damn
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