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Joe's Crab Shack Suckage

I drove from our apartment in Chandler to Joe's Crab Shack in Tempe...yes, the one right by Arizona Mills Mall...and as I was pulling in the parking lot, my cell rang and it was my wonderful husband calling to tell me just to hang out there because their morning meeting was running a little bit behind. No problem. I sat in the car for about 5 minutes and watched the rain come down. I knew the place opened at 11, so I gave them a few minutes to get opened and ready, then went inside. I told the hostess that we needed a table for she set up two tables and got them put together. I used the ladies' room as she was doing this and then I was seated. Here comes TJ, the waiter who would be serving and waiting on us. He got me a Diet Coke and was very friendly. I had told them that I was expecing 10 more people due to arrive in a matter of 10-20 minutes and he said that was no problem for him and that he would check in on me periodically, which he did. It was all first...

Around 11:30, Jason, the first member of the party to arrive came in and was seated and we were talking as we were waiting. TJ came around randomly and checked on us. Everyone else showed up shortly after and TJ took drink orders as we were all making up our minds what we wanted....only one of the people in our party didn't show up because she'd made last-second plans to go to lunch with one of the other Arizona Blue Stake guys...nice of her to let anyone know!

So TJ then went to fetch our drinks, and as he did, my friend Rebecca warned us that he is a real jerk. She and Tony, her husband, had been there 2 other times, having him as a waiter, and each time was a bad experience. Well, turns out she was right. It took about 15 minutes to get our drinks, then he was onboxious, tossing straws at everyone, trying to be funny, in which NONE of us were amused. TJ stuck his hand right in Rebecca's drink, fished out her straw, and threw it on the table when he brought her a refill. She didn't touch the rest of her orignal drink which was still half-full, after that...that's TOTALLY unsanitary what he did! He took our food orders in a rather sarcastic manner, and as we were all waiting, we were chatting.

Time for the gang was dwindling and we were all wondering where the hell our food was. Around 12:30, our food FINALLY arrived, much to our dismay and hunger pains, and Cindy, one of the girls in our party, noticed that her plate was DIRTY and she refused to eat. She got very pissed off, and we were all in total agreeance with her. Our service SUCKED, our waiter acted like a total ass clown the entire time we were there (with the exception to when it was just me sitting there by myself waiting for everyone else), and needless to say, the overall experience was downright awful! Cindy went and requested that the manager come to our table,, which he promptly did and she explained everything that happened. The manager listened patiently, told Cindy her lunch was free, and gave her a To Go container so she could take it back to work with her and eat it. Everyone else ended up taking theirs as well, as did I. I ate my clam chowder at least but brought my salad home. We were all very disappointed at what had taken place and registered complaints with the manager about our waiter. Needless to say, what was supposed to be a good fun lunch turned into a royal disaster, but we all enjoyed being together at least!

To my friends who live in the Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa/Chandler area and love Joe's Crab Shack, I do NOT recommend eating lunch at that location...the service there SUCKS! And, if you DO go there and end up with TJ as your waiter, do us a favor and be rude and obnoxious to him like he is to customers! He DESERVES it!

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