creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

PetSmart suckage.

I took my dog to PetSmart on friday to get her nails trimmed.

The groomer pointed out that the price had increased to $15 from $10 but you could also get the ear cleaning/nail trim package for $15. Make sense? I had already cleaned my dogs ears that morning so all I needed was the nail trim and was charged the $15.

The whole thing annoyed me but I let it go because, well, prices increase all the time. So this morning I called my mother to chat and mentioned that I took Maggie in for a nail trim and the price went up. They live 100 miles away and they took their dogs in on saturday to their PetSmart and the price was still $10. Hmmmm?

After the stores opened here I started calling and out of the 3 PetSmarts 1 was $10 and the other 2 were $15. So I called the $10 store back and talked to the grooming manager. She was stunned and figured they charged me the ear/trim package. I do have the receipt and it does say ear/trim care. I told her about the written up price change that I only wanted the trim. She took my name & number to give to the district manager and I sent in a email to corporate. She also said she was going to call the store and pretend to be a customer to see what they say. She is not impressed, nor was I. I know it's only 5 bucks but that adds up for all the customers they are ripping off. She said the district manager will not be happy to hear this. I'm just curious to see what the corporate reply will be. lol
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