Sarah {aka SarahCB1208} (sarahcb1208) wrote in bad_service,
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Might Be Wrong Place

I've had some bad "service" with my apartment complex. They don't enforce any of their rules, except when its convient for them. The people in the apartment diagonal to us blare their stereo each and every day and each and every night. Neither the cops nor the complex will do anything about it. The guy threatened to kill his live-in girlfriend after she called the cops on him for hitting her, so neither my fiance or I want to even attempt to ask him to turn it down. The complex management doesn't really ever fix anything. Our toilet tank doesn't fill for 3-5 minutes after flushing, our closet has mold growing in it from it getting flooded 3 times since August of 2002. Not to mention the fact that we only have one working burner on our stove, and the wiring has fried our microwave that's less than 3 years old. Apartment complexes suck!
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