Blank (therosewilde) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Lady Working At Dominos.

Learn to speak English, or get off the phone. *Please*. I understand that my street name might not be the easiest, so I have no problem with spelling that. However, when I am spelling it, *stop* trying to guess what comes next. Listen to what i'm spelling. Write that down. Not your idea of what it might be.

And when you say something indistinct, and I say, "Sorry, what did you say?" please don't go "OK so that's 077..." because no, it wasn't. Alright, that tells me that you wanted my phone number, but when I then spend the next minute having to tell you that no, my phone number isn't too long, it doesn't start with 077...


All I wanted was a bloody pizza.

No love.

The Guy On The Phone.
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