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I really hate when I have to post here more then once a year.

Warning: Some oral health stuff and some in depth description. Also angry ranting because the pain pills haven't kicked in.

A year or more (more likely more) ago, I had broken part of my tooth due to decay and after a long and horridly painful mess with a filling instead of a root canal (given by Doctor Baxter, idiot dentist extrodinare), I had to have it re-done and have a root canal on it.

After the root canal, the dentist to performed it gave me strict instructions to return to Dr. Baxter and have him put a permanent filling on it (he put in a temporary).

I returned to Dr. Baxter, informing him of this...and they said that they would not be doing it and the temporary would be fine (exact words, I only remember because I was pretty much WTF?!).

Flash to two days ago: I was sucking/chewing on a peppermint lifesaver when I felt a shooting pain in my jaw, right where the root canal had been done. After a few minutes of fun trying to get all the life saver out of my mouth, thinking one had gotten stuck in my gum, I discover no, the thing wiggling in my was not a stuck shard of pepermint goodness, but in fact, part of my tooth. (if it wasn't for the pain I would have amused myself re-living my childhood and wiggling it back and forth).

Luckily, I had an upcoming dental appointment (with a different dentist) the day after this occurred, in order to finish off a second root canal, which I had been going to cancel but oh well.

So I go in, explain the problem and they go to check it out, and discover (after a bit of working on it), my tooth did not in fact break in half, but shattered into several pieces.

Apparently, the stress of the un-finished root canal, after a year or more, caused the tooth to just go kablooy, because it couldn't handle the stress of every day use.

So now, thanks to Dr. Baxter, I have intense pain, have had nothing but a liquid diet for the past few days, and have yet more work to be done to try and get that side of my mouth fully functioning (I have a temporary crown in at the moment).

So thank you, Doctor Baxter, you drug addicted ass. Because of your incompetence in doing what the other dentist told you to do in the first place, I'm now hungry, grumpy and in pain.

At least now I have a real man for a dentist who is not only nice, kind and absolutely wonderful, but doesn't blame me when fixing your messes.

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