Stevie Lennon (domanivalia) wrote in bad_service,
Stevie Lennon

Bad "trainer"

So because of some things in my personal life last semester (lost my job, lost my tuition, one of my students @ a daycare was in a bad car accident...) I failed some classes and was put on academic probation. Because of this, I was required to take, in addition to my regular credit load, a one credit hour class called "Academic Fitness". There's 3 professors and 8 TAs called "trainers." We split into 8 groups and really only keep in touch with the trainers, and meet with the trainers.

So our group agreed to meet Tuesday afternoons on the Northeastern side of the bookstore (inside). There's some couches and tables here where students frequently study and we agreed it was a good place to meet. Unbeknownst to me at the time, our trainer sent out an email on Monday saying she was moving the location to the other side of the bookstore where she had access to a more private lounge type area. I didn't get this email so I went to the original location. I got there early and waited. About 10 minutes after our meet time when no one else showed up I called her. And text messaged her. And finally went upstairs to the library to email her. I called her again and again, until I had to go to another class.

After my class I check my voicemail where she goes, "Yeah, you obviously missed class. What was up with that? Call me and I'll try to reschedule you this week." It irked me a little because I detected a hint of an attitude but I shrugged it off. I called her back and left yet another message saying I went to where I was told to go at the time I was supposed to go there (early in fact) and waited maybe 20 minutes before trying to email her. I said that I could meet her anytime except when I had class. She just had to name the day and I'd come in.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday go by with no call or email from her. I call her back and leave another message, and send another email. Saturday morning I email one of the professors in charge of the class. She finally gets ahold of my trainer who emails me saying she'll meet me Tuesday at 2:20 in the 'private' lounge. She also said that she would explain to me when I got there, the paper I needed to have done when I got there. (No no, it didn't make sense to me either). So I had a friend show me where this place was, and arrived at 2pm on Tuesday afternoon. And waited. And waited and waited. At 2:30 I called her. At 2:45 I text messaged her. At 3pm I decided to pack my stuff up and go to the library to email the professor. I wasn't dealing with this every week and I wanted a new "trainer".

So I leave the lounge and who do I see sitting on the floor outside the bookstore? My trainer. And she is peeved, at me, for showing up so late. I tell her I've been in the lounge since 2pm and that's where she told me to meet her. She says I couldn't possibly have been there since 2 because she was there at two and never saw me. Whatever. I hand her my paper (I read through the chapters and only saw one mention of a paper, so I did that one. An autobiography on my college preparation or something). And she flips out. That was the wrong paper apparently. I was supposed to do only one page on my hardest class, why it's hard, and what I'm going to do to pass. I tell her she told me she was going to explain the paper when I got here (but that I was also confused it was due). She insisted I could do both (Turn in a paper before I had an explination about it).

Anyway, the rest of the conversation was her telling me what an idiot I was for not meeting the first week and for doing the wrong paper. If there are any more problems next week I'm contacting the professor again and asking for a new trainer. I don't need this.

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