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My other half and I are in the market for a new house. We're looking to rent, as we're unsure how long we wish to remain in this area. Should be simple enough really, hm?

Last Friday, we drove down a side street, and saw a lovely place with a recently planted "For Rent" sign. We parked, got out of the car, and proceeded to peek into windows. Gorgeous. Brand new kitchen, hardwood floors which gleamed in the afternoon light, a lovely tiled fireplace, flanked by built in shelves.

We took down the number, and came right home, calling the rental management place immediately.  A rather friendly gentleman answered, and said he'd be happy to show us the property on Saturday, at 1pm. Meet him at the office. No problem, as the office is maybe 10 blocks from where we are currently residing.

Flash forward to Saturday, 12:55pm. We arrive outside the office, and notice with some confusion, there are no lights on, the building is locked tight, and their sign has no hours posted on it for weekends. Huh. Okay. We wait til about a ten past one, and wonder if maybe he wanted to meet us at the property, instead of the office. We hightailed it across town, and waited another ten minutes there, no one ever appearing. We drive back to the office, and I scrawled a quick note explaining the situation thus far on a piece of paper, and stuck it in the overnight slot on the door. Go back home, and call, leaving an urgent voice mail, containing all the information in the note. Chalk it up to a busy afternoon, and perhaps we just missed the guy.

Monday, we waited til about noon for a call. Nothing, no voice mail, nada. I call back, and leave another voice mail, also marked urgent. Tuesday morning, same thing. Tuesday afternoon, another.

Wednesday morning, I wrote an email detailing this to their director of business management. She wrote back in a few hours, apologizing for the situation, and assuring me someone would be calling in the next hour or so. We waited an hour and a half, then went to the store to grab a few things for dinner (it was already nearly 4pm!). We return home to find a voice mail saying they'll be at the property in half an hour, if we wanted to see it. Leave another voice mail saying we had stepped out and missed their call, and we'd really like to reschedule the appointment to see the home. I explained in this message that Friday we would be out of town for the day.

I've left 2 more messages today, hoping to catch someone there, and wrote another email to the business director, to no avail. We adore this property, but why in the hell should I feel like renting from them after the way we've been treated as prospective clients?!

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