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I've had good experiences with eBay for the most part, but this one is by far the worst. I'm going through a bit of a Junior High kick and looked up Sailor Moon DVDs. I saw they had the complete S season for like $40, or you could by individual DVDs of 6 episodes each for like $45. So I decided to make the plunge, and even if its bootlegged this company/seller has a great rating so what the hell.

I paid him on Jan 25th and waited. He eventually sent me a tracking number and website, but there was no real info. Eventually I tried it again and noticed that the item was sent to New Jersey. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was sent January 31st and delivered Feb. 6th. So I emailed the seller and explained the mixup, then waited 5 days for a response. He apologized and said he'd send out another set that day (Saturday). I began writing a nice reply but decided this was just horrible service so I said that was fine, I just needed it for Wednesday as I was going on a short vacation to a friends house and wanted the DVDs to take with me. The vacation was cut short so when I( came home tonight there was another email (which I'd been waiting another 5 days for), now saying he'd sent the item on Friday but it wouldn't be here by Wednesday.

I've waited since January 25th for these DVDs. I sent payment to another person last Monday and got the items today, no problems at all. I'm just at the end of my rope here...
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