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I overhead this conversation between a server and a customer last night. The server having the nerve to question a good tip was one thing but the very reason is not the least bit logical.

From what I gather, the server brought back the patrons credit card with the box for the tip left blank. The patron crossed out that field and placed some money in the black holder.

The server picked it up and said thank you and walked away. A couple of minutes later, I saw her approaching the table with the black holder in hand. Being nosy and curious I overhead the conversation which went something like this:

Server: Sir, where you not happy with the service tonight?

Sir: Yes, it was fine thank you. (He looked perplexed)

Server: I am wondering because it is customary to tip 20%.

Sir: I am sorry but you are incorrect, it is customary to tip 15% which I did.

Server: No, with inflation, we servers need a raise and it has been 20% for a while now.

The guy shrugged, his lady looked embarrassed and they just got up and left.

First of all, why the heck would a server walk up to a customer that way and demand more money??!! Maybe I could see it if she was stiffed but he gave a decent tip and was still made to feel like a jerk.

Secondly. What is with this inflation nonsense. Servers get a raise every time the restaurant increases prices. They increase to keep up with inflation and the server benefits by getting a larger tip hence that is their raise.

Let me say I have nothing but respect for the serving profession. It is hard work and I know for a fact that I could not do it. I usually do tip 20% or more, however, this girls attitude was too much.
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