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I've posted here once or twice about my problems with Verizon Wireless.  For the last year or so, I've had problems with not getting phone calls and voicemail messages.  I've been complaining to them over the past year and have had no success at all.  They did credit my bill one month but that's been it.

Recently, I had a friend (and possible employer) bitch me out up one side and down the other for not returning his calls.  It was a unfortunate happening and it's taken a while to get back on good terms with him.  He even went so far as to show me his cell bill as proof that he'd been calling and leaving voicemails.

I take this information to Verizon - with him in tow as a witness so to speak - in an attempt to get to the bottom of this insane problem.

VE - verizon employee with no clue
M - me, of course
PF - pissed friend

I explain what's going on, show them PF's cell bill as proof.  VE disappears into the the mysterious back and re-emerges.

VE:  Well, I don't know what's going on but we can give you a new phone.  It will be the same style since you're still under warrenty.
M:  What will that help?  
PF:  *glares*
VE:  Let's try it and see what happens, k?  *I hate when they get snippy*

She sets up the new phone, transfers my phonebook and says, "Here ya go.  Have a nice day."
M:  Oh no.  We're going to make sure this thing works before I have to stand in line again.

I send PF out the door, in plain sight and have him dial my phone.  I'm watching - and see him talking.  He comes back in and says he had to leave a voicemail.  I stare at my phone and wait.  And wait.  VE, at this point, is straining at the leash to get to another customer.

M:  *I look at her*  He went outside, in plain view, dialed my number, left a voicemail and my phone has done nothing.
*VE grabs the phone back, puts it on speaker, and dials my voicemail.  I put in the access code and the magical voicemail voice says, "YOu have no new messages"
VE:  Are you sure you dialed the right number?  *Valid question I guess*  PF looks my number up in the phone, shows it to her - yep, right number.  Same number I've had for 3 years.

By now, VE is flustered and calls over a manager type person.  All she says is "This lady is having problems" and walks away.  VE didn't make a single notation on my account so I had to go thru the whole thing AGAIN.

Manager type looks at my account on the screen.  Hours roll by as he hems and haws and hmmmmmms as he clicks.  Finally he says,
"Here's the problem.  Your phone is restricted to Verizon calls only."  PF, of course is Sprint.

Igive him a frozen WTF look.  "Excuse me?  How in the hell is a phone 'restricted'?"

He gives me a "what are you stupid" look, clicks around somemore and says, "I can't do anything to change this since you aren't the primary name on the account."  (Hubby changed it so I did have access but somehow nothing changed.) "Your husband has to come in and make the changes.  He can't call customer service, he has to do it in person."  Great - let me get him to drag his happy ass from work 45 miles away in the middle of the day.  Not.

As I'm grumbling under my breath, manager type has the balls to say, "If you knew you were going to have non Verizon calls, why would you restrict the phone?"

That did it.  "Look.  I didn't restrict the account.  My husband didn't restrict the account.  You all did it.  Considering I did a call in radio show for 2 years and had to book guests from all over the country, restricting the account would make no sense at all.  It's worked fine up until about a year ago.  I don't know what the hell is going on but you can guarantee this -  you all need to fix it and allow me to cancel my account with no charges or else I'll have the Better BUsiness Bureau all over you like white on rice."

I'm pissed beyond belief.  I'm a year into a 2 year contract and there is no way I'm going to cancel.  

Now - I ask you.  Am I stupid or is this 'restricted to Verizon calls only' line a bunch of BS?  I've never heard of this in my life.
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