Trish (dyskra) wrote in bad_service,

Update to evil computer tech

Sorry that I haven't gotten to posting this sooner, been busy...In reference to the jerk I posted about last week (Here)

I got a call back on Monday from his supervisor and also from the big boss, saying they were extremely sorry and that they are taking care of the situation. They said they want to speak to me and they'll be in touch.

I got /another/ call yesterday from a high school friend who recognized my name and told me what was going on. When the first handful of complaints came in they wanted the guy to take a little break and get some help, but as the complaints (not just a couple) came in they decided he was too much of a liability and he no longer works there.

There's not really anything else they can do - the work they did for me was warranty work, I paid for nothing...They also fired the guy, but I'm still upset - not at them but at the situation.

I'll update if there's anything else. I'm not satisfied, but what can I do?

Edit: Sorry, I unlocked the other entry.

Edit 2: I thought I got this across - I apologize if I didn't. I /know/ they did all they could, the situation just left a bad taste in my mouth...That's all. They reacted pretty quickly and they did more then I thought they would. I believe I'm allowed to still be a little upset/frustrated about the situation - it happened barely a week ago.
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