na (bellasmommy) wrote in bad_service,

I'm trying to decide what to do about my car.

I received the shittiest service ever, and I'm trying to figure out how to handle it. In a nutshell:

- Requested a service to be checked and asked to be called before it was performed. They never called me and charged me for the service.
- After returning my car and paying IN FULL, they call and tell me that a $270 service (the brake service that they performed without calling me first), well, THEY WEREN'T SURE IF THEY DID IT OR NOT OR IF IT WAS EVEN NEEDED (no wonder they didn't call.
- The manager was rude to me on the phone when he told me what happened, and acted like it was my fault.
- I took my car in later, taking off early from work and going out of my way to go there (it's a good hike from my house) and the manager was rude AGAIN and told me that he had no idea was coming in (wtf, he asked me to come in when I had a chance) and that he had thought I was going to call and make an appointment. Um, if he had told me that, I WOULD HAVE MADE ONE IMMEDIATELY.
- Told me that he couldn't perform the service.
- Found out that the brake service WASN'T needed and wasn't performed, despite charging me for it.
- Couldn't give me a refund on the spot. Told me I've receive some kind of "compension" without telling me what.
- It's been less than a week since they gave me an alignment and my car is already out of alignment. It snowed here, but I didn't run into anything, go over any curbs, or have anything other than the normal driving in snow that 95% of other people have and they don't all go in for alignments after a snow, DO THEY.

So what should I do? The manager is a rude asshole. I want my money back TODAY, and I want a free alignment. Is that asking too much? I'm usually a pretty understanding person, and if they had been nicer/not acted like it was my fault, and immediately gave my refund and maybe some kind of store credit or something/upgraded me to something, I wouldn't be so upset.

Should I call the customer service line? Would that do anything? Try to find out who the district manager is and call them? I'm afraid to call someone in charge before they give me my money for fear of retaliation from Asshole Manager.
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