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Apple Bank sucks.

OH, I am SO fucking pissed right now! 14 days ago (11 business days ago) I went to my bank (Apple Bank) to apply for a new card. I did this because A) I only had a regular ATM card without a Visa logo on it, and I wanted one with a logo so I can charge things, and B) The card was going to expire soon anyway. So I signed up for it, everything went well, other than that the lady spoke down to me -- Why is being younger than her a reason for her to treat me like crap? But I was perfectly sweet in return, and she told me to expect my card in the mail in 7 to 10 business days. She also said that my old card was now deleted from the system, and that I should cut it up. Which I did, and threw away the remains in her trash can.

Today, with the holiday on Monday, it's been 11 days. (I checked my mail today, not there). So I called the bank's hotline (despite it not even being an 800 number anymore). When I told them the situation, you know what they said? We have no record of that request. Your old card should still be good. WHAT?!?! My old card has been shredded and is probably in the city dump about now! Grrrrr... So, she (the girl at the hotline) told me she put me down for a new card, and THAT should get to me in 7-10 business days. And that if it didn't show up, she gave me her name and told me to call her at the line.

So I'll be going another 2 weeks without a fucking card. Wonderful.

Should I go to the bank where I originally applied, and complain? *sigh*

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