bunneigh (bunneigh) wrote in bad_service,

Semi Bad Service at Jack In The Box

First time posting.

This isn't a complete suck but it was very irritating.  

My friend and I went to Jack In The Box (JitB) for dinner one evening.  We pulled up to the speaker and after the usual trio offer we were asked for our order.  It wasn't all that complicated, a number 1 and a number 6 (I think the sourdough chicken club thing). anyway we went through our whole order repeating everything twice because whoever was taking it wasn't getting it down correctly and kept messing up, putting down curly fries instead of regular, getting the drinks wrong etc, etc.  We also were having some trouble hearing her.  Anyway we finally get through it and she tells us to pull up to the window without giving us a total.  

We get there and she opens the window and asks us to basically give her the whole order again.  She was acting really sharp with us too like it was somehow our fault she didn't get the order down right.

It was incredibly frustrating.  And the food took so long to come out, it was insane. There was no one behind us no one in the restaurant so what was taking so long?  At least they got it all right.  

So that's my irritating service story.

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