Lechery or Silver (originalwacky) wrote in bad_service,
Lechery or Silver

Small reception issue

Hi, long time reader and all that.

This morning, The Mate had an appointment with our general dentist. Now, this appointment was to get preliminary x-rays, and a referral to the oral surgeon, because they are about to yank out all but four of his teeth, and provide him with dentures. However, because he is on such heavy medication, and so on, he will be to go under general sedation in a hospital/surgery center.

So, when we woke up this morning, the weather was turning bad, and it caused The Mate's back to go into spasms, so he was unable to walk. We wouldn't worry too much, and just use his motorized wheelchair (which took over a year to get, but that's another suck), except for the fact that this office is NOT handicapped accessible.

So, as soon as they opened (9 am) I called them to reschedule the appointment. Granted this is the second time it's been rescheduled, the first due to the youngest becoming quite ill and having to make an urgent appointment with his doctor. His appointment was for 9:45 am, so I wanted to call as soon as I could get through.

So, I get the receptionist on the phone, and explain who I am, and ask if there isany way we can reschedule.  In one of the snottiest tones, she says to me, "Well, when he thinks he will actually come in, why don't you just have him call me?!"  After a few moments of dead silence, I tell her that The Mate is disabled, and is unable to walk today.  She then says, "Well, maybe he doesn't really need a dentist then!"

I admit it, I wanted to rant and rave and foam at the mouth.  What I said (and not in a nice calm tone) was "The Mate is disabled, carrying ten pounds of metal in his back, and the weather has affected him to the point where he cannot physically get out of bed.  I hope your boss doesn't mind that you've lost four customers as of right now, because your attitude is unacceptable. Have a pleasant day."  She didn't answer (not surprised, I wasn't exactly nice), and I hung up.

Honestly, did she think we were doing this for kicks?  We've had about 8 appointments with them for the youngest, and never missed one.  Oldest has never missed his.  The Mate went to his first two no problem.  I've never missed a dental appointment in my life.  So just because in December we had to reschedule, and now again in February we had to... somehow that makes us sucky or something?

On the plus side, shitty weather notwithstanding, the cashier at the grocery store was exceptionally wonderful tonight, and thanked me for doing my own bagging.  Heck why not?  I get it packed the way I want, and get out of ther faster.  Nice to have a bright spot like that.  Now I hope it snows 1784649 feet tonight.
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