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post office annoyance

This is more annoying that anything else

Some background:
Our mail carrier sucks! My neighbors and I are constantly exchanging our mis-delivered mail. We won’t get our monthly magazine subscriptions for 3 or 4 months at a time, then one day we’ll get all of the issues delivered at once. Once or twice a month we won’t get any mail. Our best guess is our mail carrier goes to work in the morning then takes the rest of the day off

The past year we’ve been receiving letters, packages and even credit card applications for “Baraka African Gifts”. The address is for my house but I live in a residential neighborhood where it’s obvious that we’re not an African gift shop. After 2 months I went to the post office and told them it was a mistake. They said ok took down my name, address and promised it would stop. We’d only receive mail for my family.

A week later we got a letter that was addressed to the county courthouse. (most likely someone trying to pay a parking ticket) Why on earth was it delivered to my house?? The street address of the courthouse isn’t even close to my house. A few days later we started getting more letters for Baraka African Gifts. I went back to the post office with everything and spoke to the postmaster. He didn’t seem to care about what I had to say but was amused that I’d get a letter for the courthouse. Once again, he said he’d look into what was going on and postal service would improve.

But of course it didn’t. The next week we received a letter that should never have even gone through our post office! When I went back to talk to the postmaster again they actually had an award for “excellent service”. I started laughing and asked how they got that award because almost all of my neighbors have been there complaining about our mail. I just got a nasty look. I spoke to the postmaster, again. I showed him the letter and asked him why it was ever delivered to my house. He had no answers and promised it wouldn’t happen again. Yea right, you’ve said that before. he assured me it wouldn’t

We’re still getting mail for Baraka African Gifts, mail that’s obviously not our address, our magazines are never on time and my neighbors and I still constantly have to swap mail.

I give up.
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