syble4 (syble4) wrote in bad_service,

I'm sure some of you have ordered delivery food, but never received it, but this time it was a interesting ride of lies and threats - from them!

Why I wanted a pizza is beyond me, but it was late and it was fast and easy. Well, so I thought. I called at 7:30pm for a pizza and was told it would be delivered in 35 mns. After an hour had passed, I called then back to see where things where. I was put on hold for over 15mns and no one ever came back on the line. Oh now, that just put me in a good mood. I finally hung up and called back. Again I was put on hold with the same results. Again, not helping my mood. I guess third times are the charm. I finally got through. I was told the pizza had gone out for delivery 7 mns prior to my phone call. Okay, thanks. I waited. By 9pm I decided I'd call to cancel the pizza. It was too late to eat now anyway. I called and was told they had made a mistake and put my order down as a pick up, not a delivery. Okay, now I distinctly remember them telling me it HAD gone out, so this didn't add up. They told me they'd cook a new one and send it out ASAP, about 15mns, for free. Fine, I'd wait for this one. I could always put it in refrigerator for the next day. 45mns later I was once again calling them to find out what was going on, only this time I was not going to have any of that, on hold, stuff. I told the employee who asked if I could hold, that 'no' I couldn't hold. Well, he put me on hold anyway, supposedly to talk to the manager. She never picked up. Beginning the ration person that I was I calmly called back - yeah right! Oh, I called back. I was once again put on hold. It took three calls again, before I managed to get the manager on the phone. She was angry and full of "I've been busy" excuses before I could even get on with my questions. Well, that was it. The proverbial straw that broke the camels back. I went off. I told her I didn't care if she was busy, that wasn't an valid excuse. Well, I didn't get much farther than that before she hung up on me. Oh now, she didn't do that? Not to me! Needless to say, this only fueled my anger. I called back and was hung up on again. This went on for a few phone calls. I kept asking for their address, so I could file a complaint. They kept refusing and threatening to call the police. Yeah, right. And my crime would have been, what? Wanting to complain? I did not give up and finally was given an address. Oh heck, I have no idea if it was even the right one, but I got one. I told the manager that I was going to complain.

Gee, within 5 mns my phone was ringing and now they were calling 'me'. It was the manager who started off telling me she was going to call the police on me and that they recorded all their phone conversations and how she only wanted to help me out. Help me out? By threatening to call the police because I dared to complain?? Oh this had now gone to really ludicrous. So, I asked her, what did she want to do to help me out. She went silent. I guess that wasn't the response she wanted. She then sputtered about sending me a free pizza. I would have laughed in her face, if I wasn't to discussed with the situation. I just told her I did not want a pizza from her now, or ever again, and that I still intended on reporting her. She wasn't' happy, but I didn't care anymore and hung up on her for a change. All this drama over a pizza. What a bizarre night!

Oh, and the pizza company - Dominos.

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