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Since we're on the theme, I have three for you .

Both are rather short.

No real back story or...even story here. Just a comment that thirteen years, five doctors, one specialist and one surgeon should not be needed to realize someone has gallstones and needs surgery. That's literally how long it took to find out I had several gallstones, and probably had them since I WAS thirteen, since that's when the symptoms started (I was a fat kid, what can I say).

Sadly this event has left me distrustful of doctors, although my new one is pretty good.

This is about my old doctor, it's something that bothered me for a long time and really soured our relationship from the word go.

Back story: I don't deal well with people, in fact, I have anxiety over meeting new people or talking to people I don't know well. I explain this to EVERY professional I have to work with, because trust and understanding are big things in such a relationship.

I had thought, that a medical professional, especially a doctor would understand this to some degree, but that was before I met Dr. Christina Seals. By the end of our first 'meet and greet', I was sobbing in the restroom nearly uncontrolably, wishing for ANY doctor to be in the room waiting for me but her, even my last female NP who I hated with a passion.

Why I was crying I can't remember exactly, I just remember feeling lower then dirt...and that feeling never changed in the two years I saw her (in my area, we have a scarce amount of doctors, and even more are leaving due to insurance. Add in the fact I'm on medicare/state insurance and it's very hard to switch doctors).

Two years...and never once did I feel she actually cared about what she was doing in regard to me, just that I was another faceless drone that paid the bills. And sadly, it's not only me (the one with issues) that felt this way. Most of my family saw her at one point until they all left, tired of her treatment.

To Quest Diagnostics: UPDATE YOUR DAMN RECORDS! I had two tests done, one in May, and one in June, ever since that time I've been getting nearly bi-weekly forms that say Medicare kicked back the claim because you like typos. I've send back these forms with the EXACT information Medicare sends me to give to you. UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!

To Medicare: Stop jerking around my meds. I LIKE the meds that work, they are shiny and happy because they WOOORRRKK. Stop taking me off the meds that work and putting me on something else because you want it cheaper. Cheaper sucks. Cheaper is not happy and shiny, cheaper makes me depressed, and considering it's an anti-depressant you keep jerking around...not cute.

So yeah, just a bunch of small things (well, except 13 years of pain and feeling like shit), but they keep adding up in frustration the longer they go on.

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