Vanessa (elitist_maus) wrote in bad_service,

Dentist suck

So I had a dentist appointment today, or at least I was supposed to. This was actually my second attempt to go there, because the first time their x-ray machine broke and they had to reschedule me. Which isn't their fault, things happen.

I have never been to this place before, and it's the only dentist in my plan that is both accepting new patients and not an obnoxiously long drive from where I live. I had to ask to leave my job 3 hours early so that I could go to my appointment, because after they rescheduled me the first time, the only slot they had open that wasn't a few months in advance was during my workday.

I didnt receive any cards in the mail about my appointment and nobody called to confirm earlier this week, so I took it upon myself to call them this morning and reconfirm that my appointment today was for 3:30. The man I spoke to, Chris, told me yes, everything was fine and they'll see me this afternoon.

So I show up at 3:34 after getting a little lost and apologize for my tardiness and explain that I got a little lost and I hope it's not a problem.

The receptionist gives me a snotty look and tells me that I'm 20 minutes late and now I have to make a new appointment. I look at my watch. 3:34. Four minutes late. I point this out. He tells me I made a mistake and now I have to make a new appointment, and the earliest they can get me in is a month from now.

So I get sort-of mad and tell the guy that I spoke to someone in their office this morning to confirm my appointment for 3:30 and they said that was the correct time. The receptionist basically just responds by saying "You didn't talk to me".

So I take it, and before I leave I basically rant to the guy and tell him how it sort-of pisses me off that I'm told the wrong time by their employee and now I have to wait another month to come in. I ask if they have a person in the office who answers phones named Chris, and they confirm that they do. So I leave saying that if Chris was in at 8 this morning, he told me the wrong time and that's horrible service.

So I leave angry and go to the grocery store, fully planning to call other dentists in my plan as soon as I got home. If I could find someone else, I was going to cancel the new appointment I made with these fools.

And then I get a call while I'm in the store. It's the receptionist. They have an appointment for me Tuesday because they determined that Chris would have been the one answering the phones at that time in the morning and it's his fault I missed my appointment. Apologize apologize apologize. I also apologize for being rude to the receptionist, but explain that I was frustrated because I had called to confirm the appointment and everything and then got turned away.

I don't know if I should still go there after what happened today, but the receptionist kissed my ass enough on the phone to appease me and I really, really want to have clean teeth.

I doubt I'll go there ever again after this, though.

Edit to add that when I spoke the the person this morning who told me the wrong time, he sounded like he was hardly listening, more like "Oh yeah, that's right. See you later!". I figured he was just busy and didn't think anything of it, but since he confirmed the wrong time, I have to assume he was just trying to get me off the phone and didn't even bother to look at the schedule. Which was the reason why it annoyed me so much that I missed the appointment. Making a mistake is one thing, but not listening to what a client is asking you and just saying yes is horrible service.

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