Michigan Blackhawk (nesmith) wrote in bad_service,
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If anyone here shopped at Best Buy on or around Christmas (or if you know anyone who has) and got their "free four issues" of a magazine, make sure you check your credit card statements carefully. I was supposed to get four free issues of Entertainment Weekly because I bought some things, and it was my understanding that that would be it. (I had a subscription to EW for a couple years but stopped because I wasn't reading them anymore.)

So today I check my credit card statement online and see that EW billed me $24.95 for a year's subscription. Luckily there was a phone number posted with the statement so I called and I'm thankful to say that the sales rep was extremely nice and credited my VISA and didn't even ask me why or try to sell me anything.

Still, I'm cheesed off that they'd charge my card without my authorization. If they hadn't assured me they'd credit my account I'd have insisted on it.
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