They Neither Toil Nor Spin (ofthefield) wrote in bad_service,
They Neither Toil Nor Spin

it's a medical suck theme day! woohoo!

I had to go to a new doctor today. Didn't know them, needed to see a doc right away for an awful ear infection, and my hard-to-spell-specialist wanted me to see an internist, specifically, not just any old NP or whomever at a clinic.

So I make an appointment with an internist. I go, wait two hours, only to be seen by...a nurse practitioner. Great! She'll examine me, then I'll see the internist. How thorough! So then she goes to look in my ear and she can't find any plastic sanitary she just STICKS THE METAL EARSCOPE THING IN MY EAR and puts it back on the wall without sanitizing it. Considering I was there for an ear infection, what the fuck?

So then she tells me I have swimmer's ear (I am so sick of hearing that, it is wrong, I know the difference) but prescribes me oral antibiotics anyway. Okay, awesome, but...where's the internist? She says he's busy and he can't see me.

Well, thanks. So as I'm walking out, who do I see but the doctor himself! Doing nothing! Clearly not busy! Well, maybe he was. Who cares. Now I have to go see another internist and waste another afternoon. Awesome.
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