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I hate people.


Comments from the computer tech that came out to replace my laptop monitor

When he first got here:

Me: Hey! Thanks for coming.
Him: That's my job.
Me: Well, thanks anyways. How are you doing today?
Me: Pretty good - wish I could've enjoyed my day off instead of cleaning. Oh well!
Him: should really clean this place up.

...Wha? I had laundry to put away upstairs and that's pretty much all that I have left to do. My place isn't stepford wife clean, but its vacuumed, picked up, dusted, etc.

I had Mythbusters on kind of in the background - in the room he was working in

Tech: Oh catching up with what your boyfriend watches?
Me: He likes it too...But I missed this episode, so I'm catching up.
Tech; That show is too smart for girls.
Me: ......

I let him know that I wasn't sure if the tech on the phone understood the other problem I was I explained it again

His response.... : Was it a guy tech?
Me: Yes
His: Then he knows what he's talking about.

He also used the bathroom (which meant wandering away to the other side of the house) without saying anything. (I was getting something out of the oven)
He picked up a bottle of water from the case on the floor on his way out.

What the FUCK you asshole!

I was two seconds away from mauling him - if my computer hadn't been in pieces I would've kicked him the fuck out.

Edit: Called supervisor - he was out at e-mailed him and left him a voicemail. Grawr.

I'm fuming....So what if I helped manage 40 linux servers? I have tits and I have no idea how to use a computer. Oh my god...WHERES THE POWER BUTTON?

I'm being stupid, I know. . Sorry. I'm just.....grr.

Edit 2: Heard nothing back yet and now the office seems to be closed. I'm going to be nice and wait until Monday while I end up writing a nice long (hopefully temper free) e-mail to anyone I can find. I'll hold onto it until I talk to the boss though
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