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Hi, I don't think Ive ever posted here before, or else it has been quite some time.
Well I had to buy some light brown pants for work, and at the time (I have since quit so now I have a worthless pair of pants I will never wear) I made 8.75/hr so I refused to pay very much for pants. I went to Target. Apparently the Maternity section is RIGHT NEXT to the miss/junior/women's section. So I am a size 8/9. I tried on a size 9. It was huge. Then I tried on a size 7. It was still huge. I commented on the size being wrong, and she said "That's maternity." I slapped my hand over my mouth in embarassement and started laughing until she said "Yeah sorry I couldn't tell if you were pregnant." I'm 5'5'' 140, I know I'm not really skinny but I don't have a buldging stomach.

Also, the DVD/CD-rom drive in my less than 6 month old laptop is no longer working. It claims its no longer installed. First I tried to call HP. I have no problem with foreigners, no problem supplying them jobs, so long as I can understand what the hell they are saying. This man had such a thick (Indian?) accent that I had to ask him to repeat himself sometimes four times. After 8 minutes he was still trying to confirm the spelling of my last name. I hung up and turned off my phone.
Next I tried email. They gave me a very complicated 10 step way of trying to fix this problem. I did it. It didn't work. Next they said okay, click this link and it will fix itself. Why not just give me the god damn link in the first place? However, that didn't work either. They gave me four other things to try, they all failed. This is over the course of about three hours. Finally I tell them to forget it, I'll bring it somewhere and pay someone since they can't do it for me. Then they offer to have my laptop shipped in to get it fixed, and oh, It'll get it back in 5-7 business days.
One problem assholes, all my course notes are on my laptop and I have two major assignments due in the next 1-3 weeks. Back up my hard drive with a disk? I CANT. The disk is the entire problem.
So now I am without a job, because I couldn't keep up with my course work while maintaining it, have 700 dollars to my name until I.. Somehow get money, and now I have to pay 100+ dollars to compUSA, or something like that, because HP doesn't even know their own computer systems.
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