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Am I in the wrong here?

I'm annoyed by this, but I don't know if I'm just overreacting because of stress or if it's a legitimate thing.

My Spring semester at school started the 20th of Janurary. The day after, I went to the campus bookstore to buy whatever books I needed. I got everything, except for some books for my Sci Fi as Lit class. The class has over thirty students in it, but the man in the bookstore told me that they only ordered ten copies of each textbook. I was a bit taken aback by that. How can you only order ten copies of a textbook that has thirty students in it?

I politely thanked him and gathered what books were there. Already one was sold out, and the man offered to write up an order for me. So we did that. I gave him everything, including two phone numbers, my campus e-mail and what dorm I'm in. He said it would be in soon and they'd call me. I keep thanking him, since I know it must have been extremely stressful for the people at the bookstore.

So, I wait. I need that book for my class, we're already doing material from it and half my class doesn't have it. We've tried to get it from local bookstores in the area, but they don't have them. I keep going back to the campus bookstore to see if they have gotten them in, but they haven't. Now it's been over FOUR WEEKS and we still do not have that textbook. The campus bookstore people just shrug at me and say it will come in at some point, but we're already doing material out of it! In fact, I have a quiz on a story out of it tomorrow and, guess what, half the class still doesn't have the textbook.

I'm extremely pissed off at the campus bookstore. How hard is it to order in some more books? How could you only order ten of each book for a class that you were told has more than thirty? I just hope my professor is still understanding about all this...

[Edit: I woke up today and guess who I had a message from on my phone? THE BOOKSTORE. My book just came in. An hour before my class. Oh my god. I just... it hurts. It hurts my brain.]
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