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Stupid customer service, but great on-site techs = Comcast this weekend

Long story short: apartment was robbed, jerkoffs ripped cable modem out of the wall among other things. This is Friday. After calling police, insurance company, et cetera, I call Comcast to report it, get serial number, ask for someone to come in to fix the cable mess and replace the cable modem. (Stress on the last part of that, I needed Net access tonight for certain business issues.)

Customer Service Rep #1 (CSR1 for short) tells me that yes, they will have a technician in "tomorrow" (that's SUPPOSED to mean Saturday, right?) sometime between 8 am and 8 pm. Yep, I have to stick around in that apartment for 12 hours.

Since I'm spending the night at my parents' in the next county, I figure, well, I get up at 6:30, I can be back by 8 am. No problem. Annoying, but no problem.

So I struggle out of bed the next morning and go all the way down 95 and halfway around the Beltway to get home by 8. Cops come again, I get the OK to have my locks changed and to clean up, talk to insurance some more, get the locks changed, try to do some cleaning...

It's 3 pm, and I'm bored and stir crazy and want to at least go walking. So I call Comcast again to verify that yeah, I'm on the docket.

For FEBRUARY 15th.

*growl* Nowhere in the first conversation did CSR1 say the word "Sunday," or "15th" or "day after". He told me "tomorrow," which on Friday means SATURDAY. I've been sitting around my apartment for seven hours for no reason. So I groan, but re-verify the details (repair the cable, replace the modem) with CSR2 and thank her very much. I go to my folks' again to visit another friend and have a mini-Anti-Valentine's party.

This morning, I get up at 6:30 and got back to my place at 8 am sharp. Go, me. I call Comcast again at noon to verify that they hadn't lost my info (being a pest, I know). I repeat the details to CSR3, yes, I'm still on the docket, I breathe sigh of relief.

At 2:00 today, an on-site tech shows up. Yay! He fixes the cable, hooks up the little TV I brought from Mom's - ta da! As he's packing up, I ask, "What about the cable modem?"

"What cable modem?"

"The one I needed replaced. They stole that too."

"That wasn't in the work order."

(I told THREE different CSRs that the cable modem needed to be replaced. NONE OF THEM put that in the work order.)

So just as I'm about to kill something, he starts calling other techs in the area, looking for a spare modem. When he gets asked why, he says, "Customer service f*cked up again, of course." *snerk*

An hour and a half later, another technician showed up with a new modem.

Ten minutes later, I have Internet access again. These two guys rock.

So the customer service reps apparently have tapioca for brains. Fortunately, there appear to be enough on-site techs with common sense and compassion to pick up the slack. :)
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