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So my boyfriend broke out on a rash Monday night all over the back of his legs pretty badly; so naturally we went to the ER

Preface:  I have never been to this hospital but it is the one closest to my university so we really had no choice on where to go

We got there around 10:30 pm and the waiting room had quite a few people...maybe like 7 or so waiting.  The nurses at the front said: "It will be a little bit of a wait, we are busy tonight."  Fine.  So we get comfortable (or as comfy as you can get on rock hard chairs) and we wait, and wait, and wait.  Other people in the waiting room are getting frustrated and decide to leave.  I hear a couple talking about how they hate this hospital because the service is apparently consistently that bad.  

So 12:45 am rolls around and they call my boyfriend's name.  So he goes into a small room to get his stats and comes out not even 5 minutes later.  I gather my stuff to get ready to go into a normal doctors room to get his diagnosis as my boyfriend is putting his jacket back on.

"What are you doing?"  I ask
"Well, he said it would be like a four hour wait and he said there is a good chance I wouldnt get seen until 6:30"

Yes as in 6:30 in the morning.

Why?  Well there is only ONE doctor in the ER.  ONE.  Now, I'm in the Midwest and we have been under a severe freeze warning for the past few days with temps as low as 20 below.  Now you would think the hospital would be better staffed due to the hazardous conditions to take care of people who come in and need medical attention ASAP.  My boyfriend obviously wasnt in a life or death situation, but those who might have been wouldnt have gotten the proper care in a reasonable fashion.

And the kicker is he was charged for $70...for getting his temp and blood pressure taken.  Needless to say, he is doing all he can to erase that fee.

Maybe it isn't THAT bad, but boy was I pissed that the nurse up front wasnt more precise with her statement of "a little bit of a wait" so we weren't wasting our sleeping time since he had to get up at 5:15 for work and me at 8:30 for class.

Oh and he was eventually seen at his regular doctor and luckily it was nothing serious -or contagious.  Phew! :o)

ETA:  Yes we went over a rash.  I guess I didn't make it clear that it literally spread within a matter of minutes all over his legs and it was obviously bad enough to make us go to the ER.  Where else are we supposed to go at that time of the night?  His doctor's office sure wasn't open.  Also, the bad service was more about the ONE doctor, not necessarily the wait; though it was quite annoying.  They weren't sufficiently staffed in my opinion.

ETA Part 2:  Now after some comments I understand a little more how the whole ER situation works -this was pretty much my first time ever going, so it was a bit frustrating.  Some comments were a little...harsh, but thanks to all those for the advice.  Hopefully I won't be goin back there anytime soon ::knock on wood::
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