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Landlord woes

Right, so I've posted about my craparse landlord before in here...

, and the property agents LJ Hooker, when our hot water service stopped working (we fixed it ourselves, incidentally, with a butter knife (the buttons had jammed down and we couldn't relight the pilot light) rather than wait for the owner to come). So, at that point in time, we had fixed the hot water service, but were still waiting to have the porch light and the back light fixed, the cold tap in the bathroom fixed, and a new TV aerial put in.

So, a week after the hot water incident, LJ Hooker call me. To ask if the owner came and fixed the hot water service. Now, for a start, I would have thought they'd have called the owner or me before a week was up to see if it had been fixed. And if it hadn't, they would have damn well heard from me before a week was up! Anyway, I told them we fixed it ourselves, and he was all set to say goodbye and hang up, when I reminded him about the other maintenance that needed doing. You know, the stuff we'd been waiting for for 2 months? He didn't realise it hadn't been done - they'd sent the owner a letter about it, apparently. So, he said he'd follow it up.

Cue 2 weeks later, we've been on holiday to Malaysia and come back to find an inspection notice to inspect our property on the 2nd of Feb. This is less than 3 months after our other one, but whatever. And it has another maintenance request form in it! That did it. I called LJ Hooker, told them that we still hadn't heard from the owner, and had 4 things that needed fixing. I had to go over all 4 things with them again (surely they have this stuff on record somewhere?) and they said my property manager Selena would call me back. Next day, no call. I call them again. Lather, rinse, repeat. On the third day, the landlord phones me. He asks if he can come and fix my tap. I said sure, and we made a time for the next day. Then, about an hour later, Selena phones me, and she's pissed. Not at me, but at the landlord. She asked if I'd heard from him, and I said yeah, about an hour ago. She was surprised - she'd tried to call him, but got no answer, so I guess he'd just figured he was in trouble and phoned me because he KNEW we needed the tap fixed. So, I told Selena he was coming to fix the tap the next day, and she said to call her after he came.

So the next day, sure enough, he turns up. His English is frigging appalling, I hate speaking to him because it's confusing and frustrating, but I smile and greet him, and he grunts something at me and walks into the bathroom, then out again to his ute. He brings back a bucket of miscellaneous tap heads, fits one (that doesn't match the other tap, btw), and then goes to walk out. My fiance stopped him, and showed him the light out the back that needed fixing. The landlord said something about his son (who's an electrician), and tries to scurry out the front door. My fiance took that opportunity to show him the porch light. The landlord looked harrassed, and again said his son would call us, and practically ran to his car before we could tell him about the aerial.

So, I called Selena, and said he fixed the tap (and mentioned they weren't matching - not that I give a shit, but man he's going to have a hard time renting this place after we're gone!), and apparently his son was going to call us to fix the other stuff. She said to give him until Wednesday (yesterday), and if he didn't call, to call her. So, no call from the landlord's son, so I've called her just now and left a message for her to that effect. This is getting ridiculous.

To make things worse, we had our inspection on the 2nd, and Selena inspected it. Before, we had a guy called Stephen, who did a cursory check, said our spare room was "cluttered" (it is, we use it as a storage room, so there's boxes and stuff in there), and left. The house this time was in pretty much the same condition, and it certainly wasn't good enough for her! She said all the rooms were "very messy", which flabbergasted me - I do not live in a "very messy" house! Sure, we have some things piled on our computer desks, and on the dining room table, but the floors are clean and the carpets are clean, etc. She said the cooktop on the stove was very dirty, when I'd just cleaned it that morning, that she "could hardly even walk in" the spare room, that the lawn was "very dry" (there's freaking level 3 water restrictions on at the moment - everyone's lawn is very dry!), get the idea. I was furious - they're meant to be inspecting damage to the property, not critiquing the way we live, especially when it's not even messy!

Sorry this got long, I'm just really pissed off at the whole goddamn situation, and I can't even withhold the rent because my Dad pays it, and he paid it in advance for a year. He's doing it for one more year though, and the lease is renewed at the end of March, so if all this isn't sorted out by the end of March, I know Dad won't be paying anything until it's done.

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