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Damn Landlords.

I've had mostly good experiences with the guy that manages our apartment, but some of his staff are pretty terrible, and this takes the cake.

First one of the guys shows up at my house, at night, with no notice of any kind, much less 24 hours. He tells me he needs to replace the lock on the basement door. There are two doors- one into our apartment, and one on the outside of the house. The landlord has a key to the outside one, so the he can get into the basement, but this guy doesn't have the key. About 3/4 of the time the guy doesn't have the key. So I open the outside door for him, lock the inside one, and go about my business- assuming he was, as he claimed, changing the lock.

But no.

He was taking the lock.

When I checked back later to seen if he'd gone he had. And so had the lock. Meaning there is in fact no lock, not even a hook-and-eye, on the outside door to the basement, which faces out on a fairly busy street that happens to be located in a crime-ridden student-slum-type area. I have stuff in that basement, Like two fairly nice bikes! Not to mention that there is now a deadbolt-sized hole in the side of my house, blowing cold air under my kitchen door. It's not like heat is included in the rent... I know it's a little confusing right now, because they are in the process of selling the house. The old landlord, the management company that he used, and the new owners who are planning to manage it themselves are all interacting. But you would think the management company would be able to find some way of coordinating with the new owners so that the guy coming to take our lock would have a new lock with him when he came >_<

Whew. Anyway. Thanks for letting me rant. Gotta go chain the bikes to a support beam.

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