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Coffee Shop Woes

I was out running errands today when I decided to stop at a local coffee shop so that I could check my email and have my favourite s/f caramel frappe.I have been going here on occasion since they opened last year because I like the atmosphere and the drinks are good.

Me:Thirsty Customer *waves*

Barista: No manners whatsoever.

Owner: Evil Bi**h

I order my drink and the cashier is pleasant and chit chats with me about how she likes my purse. All goes well and I tip a dollar on a 4 dollar drink with my credit card. The Barista makes my drink and it is so runny with big chunks of ice. I cant even sip it through the straw because I keep sucking up ice chunks. I bring it back and ask him to make another one. He seems mildly pissed that I asked him to do that. He throws the ingredients in the blender and pulses it for literally 3 seconds. He hands it back to me:

B:There you go,sir.

Me: Umm,I am a lady,not a sir.(I am very clearly a girl with long hair,makeup,girly all around)

B:Sorry,I call everyone that.

Me: Well,its kind of rude and I don't like it.Also,this is still not right.It's exactly like you made it before. Could I please have someone else make it for me?

B goes and gets the owner,who comes out already looking at me like i'm a used condom on the sidewalk in the hot sun.

Owner: What seems to be the problem?

Me: Well,I asked him to remake my drink because it was runny and full of ice chunks. Then he called me sir and I thought it was really rude. He made my drink again and it was still not right,so i asked for someone else to make it for me.

Owner starts making my drink with Vanilla,not Caramel. I point out to her that I wanted Caramel,not Vanilla.

Owner:*turns and looks at me like I just poked her with a spoon* I am AWARE of that!

Me:Sorry,I didnt know if you heard me.

Owner: You can just get out,you are rude everytime you come here.You always say something to my employees!

Now I am not a complainer by nature,I tip well,and I am always pleasant. I always order the same thing,and it is always good.

Me: I think you have me confused with someone else.

Owner: Take your money and get out!

Me: I will take my business back to Brownstone. I will also tell everyone else not to come here/ If you think you can treat customers like crap,then you will not last as a business.
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