kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,

Cingular. Raising the annoyance level.

Ok, so this annoyed me a little..

me & my mother are on the same Cingular plan. we both had the same shitty phones (Motorola V180). We've had them for almost a year and lately I've been so frustrated with them. More than half the time, I can't get through to her phone. I call her, and the line automatically drops or just doesn't ring at all. I kept getting text messages 3 or 4 days late. I had just had enough.

to make a long story short - finally, after 3 or 4 calls, after telling them REPEATEDLY that we had already reset the phone/took out the card/did EVERYTHING we could do to fix the problems to no avail, they agreed to send us replacement phones. only thing is, the guy couldn't verify that my phone was infact a V180 for some strange reason. he said that my serial # wasn't registered correctly or whatever, and that we have to go to a Cingular store so that a clerk can call them & basically verify that yes, we have crap ass V180 phones.

Mom & I get up early this past weekend, find the nearest Cingular store, and attempt to settle this. the clerk in the store wasn't helpful what-so-ever. he made us use the store phone to call Cingular (fine, whatever) and he said "holler at me when they want to talk to me". he walks off, and when the phone rep wanted to speak to him, he was nowhere to be found!

the lady on the phone was so rude. SO friggin' rude. she had this condescending tone. at first she said she needed to speak to the store rep, but then no - all of a sudden! our phones are magically in their system, and will be mailed out in 2-3 days. great. we went to the Cingular store for absolutely NO reason. it didn't help that I was uber cranky due to a bad toothache and little sleep the night before because of it.

We got our phones, (that came with no back, mind you) guess which phone we got? V180'S, AGAIN. I knew it'd happen, and I'm grateful that they sent us the "new" (pssh, refurbished) phones so fast, but it was more of a headache than anything else.
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