usagi (usagiweaver) wrote in bad_service,

Half-brained Service

I knew that dinner would be crazy so my husband and I did lunch instead. We went to Outback, got seated right away, and ended up with a total flake for a server. She was just plain scatterbrained. FIRST off, after she brought our drinks and was going to take our order, she'd left our ticket at the bar and had to go retrieve it.

She told us the soups of the day were Potato and French Onion. When my husband wanted a cup of French Onion she said it only came in a crock and that you couldn't get it in a cup. (No problem... he just went for the larger portion) When she took our order (the yummy new Steak salads they've got!) I don't like Bleu Cheese, so I asked if Caesar dressing could be substituted instead. She made a detailed note on our ticket. Then she ran off without asking how I wanted the steak cooked.

We got our soup and bread, which were good, then we waited. And waited. And talked about how their piped music was ALL from the 70's. Playing "Name that Tune" and such. THEN the server came back to ask how I wanted my steak. (To which I thought... "Guess it'll be a while longer if they haven't fired the steaks...") A little while later a manager-type came to the table and apologized for the wait saying that while preparing our order someone had dumped bleu cheese ALL over my salad and it'd be a few more minutes. Thankfully, the food came relatively quickly after that. And was WONDERFUL.

Personally, I think the manager came over to gauge our mood so as to decide whether she needed to comp our meal or not! But being generally congenial and not in any big hurry that day, we weren't all bitchy like SOME customers may have been. I bet if we were all irate we could have gotten a free meal. But since it was only time wasted and nothing to do with the actual quality of the food, we didn't complain.

When we got the check, my husband wasn't thinking and put a $4 tip on a $35 tab. I told him "That's a sucky tip!" so he changed it to $6. Whether the server actually deserved it or not could be up for debate.
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