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So, medical woes. Usually when I go to a doctor, I go just to a walk in clinic, because generally they're fast, you don't need to wait to make an appt (which is important to me if I need antibiotics, because I don't want to wait a week to get an appt to see the same doctor). The walk in clinics around here usually aren't too bad anyways, there's anywhere from a half hour to an hour wait, most of the doctors they have on rotation at their clinic are really good, and it's right next to my house, so it's convenient.

There's this one doctor there though, that I try my best to avoid.

He never really looks you over, and he treats you like crap if you ask questions. I remember one time I brought my son there because I had strep and my son seemed to have strep too, he was telling me his throat hurt, he wouldn't eat or drink anything. Dr.B (I'll call him) looked at me, looked at my throat, did the full checkup then said I had strep and wrote me a script for antibiotics. Then he just asked what was wrong with my son, didn't check anything on him, didn't look at his throat and just said "It's just a cold.". I asked him "You don't think it's the same thing I have?" and he said no. He's done this before, which is why we always try to avoid him, so I just asked him to please take a throat swab and give us antibiotics until we get the results. They call two days later and inform me that yes, he does have strep throat. Usually when we see him, we end up having to see someone else anyways. Now don't get me wrong, I know some people ask for medicine way too much but I'm not those people, I only even go into the doctors if it is an infection, not a cold, and things like infections like that, you kinda need them. They've gone ignored because of this doctor in the past and turned into even nastier infections. Not a good thing. It doesn't seem that bad, but he does this like every time we've seen him, and the entire time he talks to you like you're some stupid child even after he's realized he's wrong.

Anyways that's not the bad service, I realize that's not all that bad, that's just a little background. I went to the clinic last Thursday because I had a sinus infection that I could feel turning into bronchitis. (See? I didn't even go when it was just a sinus infection, because sometimes you can beat those on your own, but when it starts going down your lungs and turning into bronchitis I need antibiotics quickly, because I have asthma, and asthma with a lung infection can stop me breathing) Usually if he's there we request to see the other doctor (not a big deal, they have a "preferred doctor" box on the sign in sheet). He was the only doctor on rotation at the time because it wasn't peak hours, sucky, but eh. He did a pretty good check up, and gave me antibiotics. I then asked him for a referral for pre-natal care (I recently found out I'm about 6-7 weeks pregnant with my second.. don't worry I made sure to ask both him and the pharmacist if the antibiotics were safe for pregnancy).

He turned back on his famous "you're so stupid" voice and told me that I didn't NEED his referral because prenatal care was only for high risk pregnancies, and that I could just see the prenatal doctor they have on rotation at the clinic, but he'll only see me 4 times during the last month of my pregnancy because I'm not high risk so don't worry about it for now. I think he's wrong about the other doctor, thankfully, because I've seen women of all stages of pregnancy in that clinic.

Then he pretty much walked out and left me sitting in the room for 15 minutes wondering if he was coming back before I just left. Now I know he's wrong, again. Because this is my second. Last time I was pregnant I went to a maternity care centre, which handles prenatal for the entire pregnancy, once a month in the beginning, then up to every week at the end. And I was pretty sure I remembered that you needed a doctor referral, stupid, but that's how it works. They handle all care, not just high risk, and in fact if you are high risk they have other specialists they bring in instead of them, they're just general maternity care, they handle the diabetes tests, weight checks, questions and answers, ultrasounds, other exams, and then one of them are the ones to deliver you (at a much better, bigger hospital then the one the walk in clinic serves, I might add). They're all female, and more importantly they're all amazing and focus only on prenatal care, which is why I want to go back there instead of relying on a general (male) doctor at the walk in clinic. No offense, but if there's gotta be someone poking in my junk every few weeks I'd rather it be a woman so I'm more comfortable with it. I'd also rather be at a specialized place, instead of every few weeks sitting in a medi centre full of sick and infected people during a time where my immune system sucks.

But he walked out. So I figured okay, maybe I'm wrong about needing a referral, it's been 4 years since I was last pregnant, maybe he doesn't know about it because maybe I was wrong and you don't need a doctor referral, so I call them up, and the secretary informs me that yes, you need a referral from a doctor to be on the patient list.

Annoying. So I went back yesterday, sat for another hour and a half, got a different doctor this time (DrB wasn't on rotation, so I just put "any"), and got my referral.**

I tried writing to the health region about it because early prenatal care is really important, and it worries me that this doctor might be telling pregnant women that they don't need prenatal care just because he doesn't know any better. I mean, how can you even know if you're high risk without prenatal care? Guessing? Magic 8 ball?
Everything before this I didn't care enough to complain, but this was just. it shocked me. For him to tell me that women didn't need any pre-natal care at all until the last month, then refuse to even listen about the referral or the place I wanted to be referred to, and walk out. I'm just lucky I've been through it before so I know he's full of it and I know how things work, but how many women has he pulled this on in their first pregnancies who may not get any prenatal care their entire pregnancy because they listened to him?

The health region got back to me after an hour (good service!) and told me they were shocked at that, but that they don't have any actual jurisdiction OVER the physicians so they're asking that I contact the college of physicians and surgeons because she said they do have some governance and to keep in touch with her to see what happens.

** I felt like a bad customer getting the referral, because I didn't realize it but when I put 'any' they put me in whoever had the open room, and that turned out to be .. the clinics male doctor who also handles prenatal care. I felt really weird asking this prenatal guy to be the one to give me a referral to someone else who will do my prenatal care. He also didn't seem to take it too well, usually he's very nice and talkative, but he was slamming stuff around and being really gruff about giving the referral. I was nice and polite about it, but I don't think he was too happy. But like I've said, I'd rather a maternity-specialized female over a general-care male.

Also realize that maybe only parents or women who have been pregnant will realize the importance of early and constant pre-natal care. So I'll tell you. It's very important. Sometimes conditions come up mid pregnancy which can put both the woman and fetus at risk, sometimes conditions come up which could kill the woman if they're not caught, sometimes extra things need to be monitored throughout the pregnancy to make sure it's going okay, sometimes complications can arise that are really serious like infections that have no symptoms but are can be caught with the tests, and the only way you can catch some of these is by pre-natal care.

Now my last post in this community got sidetracked all to hell over the fact that some people are vegetarian. I never even thought that post would get so misfocused. So I feel the need now to note that this post is not about anything but the service itself, it's not about being anti male doctors, I am not against males, I am just against males I do not know with their elbows up to my cervix. So please do not focus on that, nor on anything besides the service. ;)
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