slrcosmos (slrcosmos) wrote in bad_service,
bad_service woes

First things first- this website only makes a certain number of t-shirts. When they're out, they're out.

Back in December I ordered a t-shirt during one of their $10 sales. I tried the XL girls since it seemed that it should fit me. I got it and it didn't. So I filled out the form on the back for an exchange to a L guys and sent it back. They sent me back a L girls. The guys and girls shirts are two different colors, which I noted on the exchange sheet. I e-mailed CS about it since stock was low and was assured that a shirt had been set aside for me.

They get the exchange back and it looks all good to go. Then I get an e-mail saying sorry, they're out of that shirt and a refund for the shirt and shipping will be made to me. The refund is for $15 (remember that amount) when I actually paid $15.50. I e-mailed CS again (no number to call) about the shirt set aside for me. Apparently when my exchange came in, the CSR put the shirt she had set aside for out on the floor and it disappeared. You would have thought it would have a note on it, but whatever.

Now I just want my refund. I e-mailed CS numerous times and finally received a response. The refund was supposedly put through on 1/11 and it make take a month to go through. I check my balance today and the refund was actually put through on 2/3 and it's only for $13.90. I have no idea where they got that total from. I already e-mailed them, but I don't expect a response. I guess I'm going to have to suck up the difference and never order from them again.

So be wary if you order from this website. When things go right, they go very well. However when things go wrong, you're screwed.

ETA: I got an e-mail saying that because I got $10 in coupons I shouldn't get all my money back. That's nice. I'm never using those coupons there, especially since it's two $5 ones and you can't use more than one coupon on an order. That's helpful.

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